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That's right, EndJustMeans has been NOMINATED by gleeawards  in the "Best Completed Fiction" category. Please support all the authors nominted by getting over there by June 26th and voting.

I didn't win, but it was an honor to be nominated. There's always next year!


Warm & Fuzzy: A gLee Fanfic

Title: Warm and Fuzzy

Pairing(s): Artie/Tina

Rating: T/M

"Artie, I could have sworn I felt your leg move… well, not move... twitch... I felt it!"

I do not own the show "Glee" or its characters. This is strictly an entertainment endeavor, no monetary gain intended and all that...

In celebration for the Glee's upcoming return... I'm super hyped for the first season's second half (what?) on April 13th. YEAH!

A/N: This fic was written months ago, I wrote it around Winter Break when I was reintroduced to "Glee" and fell in LOVE. Artie is one of my favorite characters, so I wrote about him and Tina... but the fic got bigger and expanded to other characters (I even got a title for it). This is just a one-shot for now, plus I want to see how the back end episodes transpire before I go setting stuff in stone... But i hope you guys enjoy, I appreciate concrite.



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My User Name Fluke

I don't know how i did this... but i had been using TWO LJ names. one with an underscore (_), one without. to sort all this out and avoid confusion... becuase I WILL be posting the long-time-coming  "What's Born of Hate" here in the coming weeks, this journal is the one i'm going to use.  

my sole LJ is ooshady_girlooNOT.... i repeat NOT ooshadygirloo

A Sneak Peek @ "What's Born of Hate"


“What’s Born of Hate” (WBOH) is influenced heavily by the movie “Monster’s Ball”, and centers on the character of the ill-fated Sonny Grotowski.


I know… unfortunately Heath Ledger (who played Sonny) passed away not long ago, I was very upset by the news, and had been working on this fic for a year before his passing (seriously, I have!) and fought with myself as to whether or not to continue what I spent so much time on… and then, I couldn’t stop writing, I’m quite sure I want to finish it now, if only as a tribute to celebrate such an awe-inspiring performance by Heath. 

I'm having other problems with WBOH too, but i'll post about that later... right now, i'm excited to present a glance into my pride and joy:



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